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When registered with Helping Hand, 10% of the value of any purchases you make from Qflow Promotions will be automatically donated to your chosen recipient organisation. Your chosen recipient can be a charity organisation, any type of voluntary organisation, any non-profit making organisation, sports club, society, social club or any society organisation that would appreciate you giving them a Helping Hand.

Please be assured that Qflow Promotions maintain the same competitive prices for all Helping Hand buyers as apply to our regular clients.

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Further Information about Helping Hand from Qflow Promotions

For further information on the Helping Hand Support System, please click this link to read our online Helping Hand brochure (PDF).

Fundraising can be the most difficult task for any charity or non-profit making organisation or club. Even the most loyal supporters can find it difficult to make a financial commitment at times. At Qflow Promotions, we have come up with a way for supporters and business contacts to raise funds for their chosen organisation without having to incur any extra costs.

For any of your supporters that make purchases from Qflow Promotions, we will make a donation to your charity equal to 10% of the purchase value placed by your supporters. This can provide a continual revenue stream for your organisation without costing your supporters any money. Our prices are extremely competitive across our full product range, so your supporters can also save money themselves.

Qflow Promotions have an automated tracking system for all Helping Hand supporters and their chosen charity or voluntary organisation. Qflow Promotions will provide a monthly statement of all Helping Hand  purchases to the registered charity/voluntary organisation, and we will make payment of 10% of the value of these purchases to the chosen organisation every month. The Helping Hand Support System can provide a continuous long term source of revenue for your charity or voluntarty organisation.

Qflow Promotions can provide you with a media pack to the charity or voluntary organisation that can be sent to their supporters to promote their participation in the Helping Hand Support System. The media pack includes a brochure pack and PDF presentation that can be sent by post or by email to your support contacts.

Terms & Conditions of Helping Hand Programme

1. Supporters must register with Helping Hand at their first point of contact with Qflow Promotions.

2. The 10% donation is calculated on the total invoice amount excluding VAT, and will be made on a ‘payments received’ basis.

3. Charities and Voluntary Organisations that make their own purchases from Qflow Promotions can also avail of the 10% refund donation.

4. For budgeting reasons, charities or voluntary organisations may require a quotation with the 10% Helping Hand donation already deducted from their purchases. Helping Hand recipients can avail of this option by formally requesting Qflow Promotions to prepare a quotation on this basis.

5. Helping Hand clients must comply with our general Terms & Conditions.

6. If Helping Hand supporters request a formal quotation from Qflow Promotions, they must state their participation in the Helping Hand Support System when they request the quotation. Qflow Promotions will state your participation in Helping Hands on the formal quotation.

7. Qflow Promotions request that members provide email contacts of at least five supporters/sponsors of your oganisation. Qflow will make these contacts aware that they can provide support to your organization simply by making some of their existing print or promotions purchases from Qflow.