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Qflow have a range of Franchising & Trade co-operation agreements to suit a variety of business requirements. Some businesses may wish to retain their own website and to expand their product range by creating links to the Qflow website. Other businesses may wish to use a full ‘own-branded’ version of the Qflow website instead of having to create their own website. New entants to business may want to operate as Qflow franchisee.

Agency agreements will be limited geographically to ensure that partners/franchisees have a viable element of exclusivity.

Qflow is interested in establishing franchisee operations throughout Ireland to achieve an effective distribution of services in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

The Qflow website allows franchisees to supply a wide range of products.

Option A: White Label Website: Link from Own Website to Unbranded Version of Qflow Website. No contact details will be on the white label website. Contact details will be from your own website. White label website opens as extra page in browser. Includes Sales Quotation system for presentation as PDF document. Purchases to be made from Qflow. Profit as % of Sales Prices average 25-30% (higher on graphics, banners, stationery printing). 

Optional extras: (1. )Web Design Service: We can create your own website that links to the white label website with links to white label website. (2.) Buy Direct: Supply Network information to make purchases directly from source suppliers at preferential Qflow discounted rates. Increases average profit  to 40-45% of sales order value.

Option B: Custom 'Own-brand' Version of Qflow Website. Own contact details included in logobanner and all contact areas of website. Includes Sales Quotation system for presentation as PDF document. Buy from Qflow @ 25-30% or choose 'Buy Direct' for higher profit levels of 40-45% of sals order value.

Option C: Franchise Agreement: Acting as Agent/Franchisee of Qflow, Trade as Qflow. Own email address ‘’. Own Cloud-based accounting system to view sales, purchases, profits, orders. Deal directly with suppliers. Own purchase administration, own order management.         No working capital needed. Average Profit/Commission of 20% of Sales Order values. Build your own business that you can potentially sell on in the future.

To enquire about Qflow partnering opportunities in your area, please contact Ian Redmond by email or by phone 01-9030121.